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तू विचार करू नको फक्त चुल आणि मूल …

उचल आता तू स्वतःसाठी एक पाउल …

तुझ्या मुळेच बांधत आहे प्रत्येकाच्या जीवनाचा पूल …

पण तरी तुला नवीन ओळख बनवण्याची लागु दे चाहूल …

तू विचार करू नको फक्त चुल आणि मुलं …

स्वतःसाठी उचल आता एक पाउल…👣

The right to a life free of violence is a basic human right enshrined in Article 21 of Indian Constitution. Violence or the threat of violence not only infringes upon this right but also restricts women’s freedom. It also germinates imbalance of power between women and men. It has now been more than twenty years since India has ratified1 the UN convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women (CEDAW). Thereby committing to incorporate the principle of equality of men and women within its legal system. Abolish all discriminatory laws and adopt, those laws which prohibit discrimination against women. Since then, changes have been made in the law to prevent violence and create a system. Which rehabilitates women affected by violence and ensures their access to a violence free life.

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The Women Helpline (181) provides 24 hour emergency response to all women affected by violence both in public and private sphere.

State/UTWomen Helpline No.
Andaman and Nicobar Islands1144, 18003451144
Andhra Pradesh181, 040-27853508, 040-23320539
Arunachal Pradesh181
Bihar181, 18003456247 / 0612-2320047 / 2214318
Chandigarh181, 100,1091, 0172-2741174
Dadra and Nagar Haveli0260-2633001, 100
Daman and Diu181, 100
NCT of Delhi181, 1091, 100
Gujarat181, 1091
Haryana181, 1091, 0124-2335100
Himachal Pradesh100
Jammu and Kashmir1091, 100
Jharkhand181,  9771432103 (toll-free no.)
Karnataka1091, 0821-2418400, 100
Kerala181,  1091, 9995399953
Madhya Pradesh181,  1090
Maharashtra181,  1091, 103
Meghalaya181,  100
Mizoram181,  100
Nagaland181,  100
Odisha181,  1091
Puducherry181,  1091
Punjab181,  1043, 109, 9781101091
Rajasthan1800-1200020, 1091
Tamil Nadu1091, 044–28592750
Uttar Pradesh181,  1090
Uttarakhand181,  1090
West Bengal181,  1091

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