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A Housewife !

Housewife is defined as mistress of household. Housewife is a married woman who has a responsibility of her household chores, whose occupation is managing her home. The hardest job in the world is being a homemaker. The homemaker is a multitasking woman who manages your house by doing multiple tasks. Homemaker can be your mother, wife, sister and even daughter. And if it were a salaried job, it would be one of the highest paid job.

There are number of people who see their wives as a servant of their home. They don’t even talk to them nicely and also they don’t add them up in their important decisions. But housewives are expected to ease the burdens of their family. A housewife devotes herself completely by taking care of their children family etc.

Just because a housewife doesn’t earn money, it doesn’t mean that they don’t make contribution to the family. If we don’t value the housewife, we can disturb our lives by losing her. She is the most important person in our family. It is fair to say that housewives should earn the title of responsible women in the house. A housewife does all the work which is paid outside but housewives are not being paid for their work. Housewives never complain about the work they do all day. They are your private chef, house cleaners, driver, private nurse, personal assistant, therapist, tutor, tailor etc.

There are also many things that makeup the daily work of a stay-at-home mother. The housewives are your better half. so don’t take them for granted. They are more talented than you think. We should respect our housewives because without them we cannot live a single day peacefully happily and calmly. She satisfies your needs and helps in almost everything. So  we better take care of her. She should be the proud family member of our house.

A house is totally incomplete without a wife or a mother. Their contribution towards family is immense that cannot be described in words. Their working hours are 24×7. Everyone have a holiday once in a week but they have nothing. They have no sick leave, no casual leave etc. What are they getting in lieu of their work? They are getting a lot of thing. Sometimes they get a bad behaviour from husband, sometimes their kids get offended upon her, and sometimes they had to hear harsh words from their in laws. Is this the right way? You won’t get any appropriate answers.

Role of Housewife in a Family: It can be said that a housewife runs a family. Just remove her from your family for one single day you will feel the difference within some minutes. One day will be much more time to realize. In fact she is a coach, master and a trainer of all work. She has immense power in her hands.

Her morning starts from 5 a.m and ends at 12.p.m. Can you imagine the situation? How tough can be for a person to do this work daily and for 365 days. She takes care of every minute details starting from the breakfast of the family to the dinner, looking after the kids, sending them to schools and bringing them back from school, taking care of the aged in-laws, going to the market for buying household items.

As time passes her children grows and she becomes a bit aged. But still there is no relief from the household work. She is now mother of grown children’s. Meanwhile some diseases have attacked her body, but is there any relief from work? It is continuing and will continue. As the kids grow, there are difference of opinion between them and their parents and rude words of children may hurt their parents. Time really waits for none. There was time when a mother used to take care of her little ones. Now it is the time when they should take care of their old mother. It is the high time children look after their old, aged parents.

As the parents grow old and lose the ability to work, they are forced to old aged homes so that they do not become a burden to their children. This is all that a mother receives from her whole life contribution. Now she is just an unwanted member of a family. The actual fact is that everyone will experience this day in their lifetime. Hence respect your mother, love her and take utmost care. Life is nothing without a mother.

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