Is our society is male dominated ?

Unbiased Thinking

So, the question is what we called a male-dominated society. The society in which men get more priorities or rights compared to women. Where a woman has no right to take decisions independently & on the opposite side male has complete freedom to do whatever he wants. Then it could be anything like avarapan or being a gentleman. This difference can be noticed by everyone. 

When this beautiful nature is created different individuals are created in a different way. Men are meant to be more hardworking, more energetic & more powerful therefore their activities were mostly outside & women are exactly the opposite they are soft sensitive & emotional by nature & that’s why they have different roles to play. so, for that time it was not a matter of domination.

This question took birth in these current technology’s world. because the life of human beings gets easier than earlier. where we are talking about Artificial intelligence(AI)/ internet of things(IOT). Where the human interface is about negligible. That’s why the tendency is why should we take your superiority. There is this chauvinistic attitude developing & the root cause of that is the relationship being lost. When there is a loving relationship then there is the attitude of serving, caring & sharing.

 Now you will say what about domestic violence & rape cases increasing day by day. For this, I would like to tell you as all women are not the same similarly all men are not the same. In our society, most men are socially active, and some are not. Always we talked about the tiny class of men who are not educated & they don’t care about things. 

Not mostly but all government policies are in the favor of women compare to men. If we talk about the reservation for a female seat in either the education system or bus, job, etc. if a young boy is not well but still, does not get a seat to rest only because he is a man. Why is it so ‘mard ko dard nahi hota’. If we are talking about rights woman’s equity or equality there should be a seat for a person who is sick instead of creating this bias between men & women. 

Similarly in the education system also a bright boy does not get the seat that he deserves. This discrimination against men is increasing we should think about this too.

“Behind every successful man, there stands a woman”! a woman, not necessarily a wife, could be a mother or perhaps a sister as well. Women support a man directly or indirectly. Sometimes she gave up her career to stand behind him. This is a kind of cycle. From family, someone has to take a backstep to support their partner. Have you heard the word househusband! never. In most cases, women are taking back steps for reasons that can be anything either her maternity or taking care of family. When he gets more successful, he just ignores the presence of his supporter.

Read about story behind being a housewife :

“Behind every successful woman, there is an understanding man” that man could be her father, her husband her brother, or her son. Who keeps motivating her for doing things. And she gets that success or achievement which she wants. So, I’ll always say respect this creature of nature, Men & women are created differently for some reason.

As time changes things are changing, we are in the revolutionary period. But thinking of humans is sticking to somewhere from his origin in the name of culture or history. That’s why women are facing problems of inequality, freedom, or discrimination. The Dowry system & domestic violence still exist in many regions of India. In many companies’ females are generally paid less as compared to males. Only because society even her parents consider daughters as burdens & sons as vanshacha diva

Our culture or history says the daughter has to leave the house after marriage but the son will never leave the house ritually. Yes, he leaves only for job reasons. What son do for his parents; Son is supporting financially to his parents. Also, he brings the daughter-in-law in-house & they will take care of the parents. 

In this kind of ritual, we forget about that family who has a single child as a daughter. In the end, their unbiased thinking makes them suffer in their old age. What they did do? the only things are they do not differentiate between son & daughter. They complete every wish of hers. They have given the same opportunities to educate their daughters to make her independent smart and capable of handling life. 

When some families unbiasedly think to educate daughters, all should take lessen from them. After marriage daughters should also get a chance to take care of her parents either by financially or taking care of them. As both parents have raised them equally. Then after marriage things should not have to change. We should start with ourselves then only our perception of society will change. The girl has every right to help her parents financially and all the husbands in the world should understand this thing. The only improve this thought of son is vanchacha diva & daughter is paraya dhan.

Rukmini Krishna Vrishni (Full name of Mata Rukmini after marriage) have you ever heard this before??

I think Never. For sure this name is not correct. From this, I wanted to clarify, why only the father’s name adds after the self-name why not mothers?

you can also refer:

Even after marriage, after her name, her husband’s name & surname is added.

This means after marriage her identity which she perceives from school has to completely change. These kinds of practices are not as per our history or rituals. There was male dominance & that’s why this thing we are keeping in our day-to-day life. There are lots of educated people who are also entrapped in this situation.

Now you decide if our society is male-dominated or not!!

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