Numerology is the study of numbers in one’s life. Numbers play a very significant role in the life span of an individual. It not only shapes the path of an individual but also predicts and warn the person to remain safe from unprecedented ordeals in his/her life and day. A numerology reading involves a lot of in-depth calculations.

What is Moolank (Birth Number)?
Moolank: Your birthday number holds the key to you and your destiny. The word has derived from two different Sanskrit words; Moola(main) and Anka(number). Moolank has a significant effect on our lives and tells about one’s nature, virtues, quality etc.

How to calculate: A Moolank is an addition of your birth date, i.e. if a person is born on August 25, 2001, then your Moolank is 2+5 = 7. If your Date of Birth is November 20, 2005, then your Moolank is 2+0 = 2

What is Bhagyank (Path Number)?
Bhagyank: Path number or Bhagyank is a hidden number in our date of birth, Bhagya means luck. The bhagyanka or destiny number is decided by the sum process of the date of birth. The destiny number is very important and helps to determine our future better.

How to calculate: To know your bhagyanka, calculate your full date of birth, i.e. 2nd August 1995, then 2+8+1+9+9+5= 34 = 3+4 =7. So, 7 is the path number in this case.

Knowing your Moolank and Bhagyank will surely help you in many aspects of life. A person can determine his future, career and job related success through the same.

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