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Slum Princess: Brand Ambassador | Maleesha Kharwa

The Slum Girl

Maleesha Kharwa – 15 year old girl from Mumbai’s Dharavi will definitely bring a smile to your face. At the age of 15 years she became the brand ambassador of luxury beauty brand ‘Forest Essentials’. The story of Slum Girl will make your heart smile.

Maleesha, who names herself ‘the princess from the slum,’. She has procured numerous demonstrating gigs attributable to her normal look and also magnetic character. She is the face of luxury beauty brand Forest Essentials ‘ The Yuvati Selection’. Her story is inspiration for every youth, also it’s enough to make you believe that dreams do come true ! Dreams should never be limited by circumstances and education is the key to unlocking opportunities and also fulfilling dreams!

The founder and the chief managing director of Forest Essentials, Mira Kulkarni, shared she built an ‘instant connection’ with Maleesha in their first meeting. The Robert Hoffman, found her and now he is her manager and works alongside her family to help her with her education and also support Maleesha’s dream. Her eyes, pretty complexion and, sparkling broad smile, that caught Hoffman’s eye, 

The Yuvati Selection is a celebration of a young girl’s journey to womanhood, embodying her beauty, resilience, and aspirations. The Yuvati Selection brings her one step closer to her dreams, and it starts with educating Kharwa.

Heartwarming Reaction of Maleesha Kharwa

The video posted by Forest Essentials in which Maleesha is seen entering the brand’s store with her banners as the main display. The 15-year-old Maleesha looks very elated. Wearing her school uniform, the youthful model glimmers million dollar smile as she poses close by her posters and banners. The brand stated “Her face lit up with pure delight. To see her dreams in front of her in sight. Maleesha’s story is a beautiful reminder that dreams really do come true,”.

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Now the brand ambassador of beauty brand Forest Essentials, Maleesha, also featured on the cover of Cosmopolitan India’s 26th anniversary issue. Maleesha reflects on what happinesss means to her and the concept of ‘Yuvati’ in Ayurveda. “For me, I think it’s very important that we teach girls of the world that they are very powerful and now we tell all the young women that the world wants them to be strong and free so that they can choose their happiness. And of course, it make me very happy to be associated with a company that cares so much about healthy and natural products!”

She mentioned on her profile “People say I live in a slum but I (added heart emoji) my life! I hope to be a supermodel to help my family eat,”.

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